Intro to Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmaceutical Medication is a new, rapidly growing category of drugs. Specialty Pharmacy products are the result of continued innovation in drug research and development technologies and design. They are created to target and treat chronic conditions and offer complex therapies in situations where custom formularies need to be developed on a smaller scale or individual basis. There is no “one size fits all” in medicine, and many factors are taken into consideration during the management of care and treatment of patients.¬†Specialty Pharmaceuticals are an alternative option used to treat anything from headaches and skin irritations, to immunodeficiencies and metabolic disorders.

In an ongoing effort to maintain services that deliver the best overall value to our pharmacies, physicians and their patients, V2 Pharma constantly researches, identifies, and vets new products to offer. In order to stay agile and on the forefront of an ever-advancing industry, we conduct business with a broad array of manufacturers and suppliers. Innovation often arises from our partners’ drive to succeed on both a clinical and economic level, this allows V2 Pharma and our customers to benefit from differences that this diversity presents.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier with new products and formularies, we would love to hear from you. Questions and comments from existing and potential customers are always appreciated as well!

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