Our Story

V2 Pharma was established to work on BEHALF of pharmacies and physicians, FOR the patients. Our commitment to offering a broad spectrum of leading products and services - both in a pharmacy and clinical setting - spans from our in-depth knowledge and experience.

We maintain a staff of industry experts, market analysts, compliance and legal team members to ensure that our service meets industry standards and exceeds your expectations. Our team is in constant communication with physicians, pharmacists, PBMs, and manufacturers to make sure we are always on the cutting edge.

The V2 Pharma Mission Statement

Our organization was created and sculpted around the customer, and designed to adapt to an ever-changing industry. We will attempt to match or beat any prices on wholesale items with our competitive market price tracking and promotional offerings. Customer service and cost savings is our business, and we do it well.

V2 Pharma's friendly staff will accurately fulfill your orders and work with your team to satisfy your logistical needs. We hold ourselves and our parters to the highest standards, and intend on sticking around for the long haul. Policies and procedures are strict and compliance is at the core of our operations. All products will be delivered directly from VAWD Accredited facilities to your doorstep in a manner that fits your workflow.

Each customer is welcomed as a partner that is part of a thriving team. V2 is a company you can trust to go above and beyond. Your needs are our priority and we will develop a program of stocking inventory and scheduled delivery to ensure your continued success. The research and analytics team can also provide insights into market trends and high-demand products upon special request as an added service to our customers.

Join Us In Our Journey

V2 Pharma is always interested in acquiring and retaining new team members, partners, and joint ventures. Whether you are a pharmacy, manufacturer, distributor, or representative, we invite you to connect with us.