For Pharmacies

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V2 Pharma has the latest products/NDCs for any specialty pharmaceutical products on the market. Choose from a wide variety of tablets, capsules, topical creams, ointments, gels, sprays, surgical packs and dressings, oral liquids, single-use doses, IV therapies, and other specialty formularies to meet the needs of your patients. We have direct manufacturer relationships allowing us to introduce first-to-market products, while stocking your everyday items.

For Physicians

In-Office Dispensing Programs

Physician dispensing programs offer convenience to your patients and more control over their treatment, while drastically increasing your bottom-line. Our team will work with your office or clinic to credential physicians and maintain compliance. V2 Pharma will also help you manage an optimized inventory system where we can offer low-cost wholesale prices, without having to carry the burden of stocking inventory.

Request a Quote

Please send a list of all NDCs, along with estimated quantities, and one of our pharmacy wholesale brokers will respond with a quote containing our lowest pricing available. If you would like, we can also suggest alternate/interchangeable brands and NDCs with better pricing or potential for higher adjudication.